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What should you do if you are trapped in an elevator?

In modern cities, we can see high-rise buildings everywhere. People who live in high-rise buildings can only rely on elevators to go up and down. Elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation for people. However, do you think that these steel machines that provide convenience to people every day can sometimes bring people into an inconvenient situation. What should we do when the elevator suddenly fails during operation?
On June 4, 2004, an elevator in a hospital in Guangzhou was faulty, three passengers were trapped, and the elevator slid to the first floor and shocked.
Moved a bit, fortunately the elevator did not continue to fall, but stuck between the first floor and the basement.
In this case, all three people are very nervous. After the accident, Ms. Shao first pressed the emergency call button in the elevator car. The alarm device did not work because the elevator was old. At this time, the elevator was dark, and the two young people trapped in the elevator together with Ms. Shao were even more nervous. They tapped the inner wall of the elevator and shouted desperately. It was the lunch time at noon, and there was no one in the corridor. No matter how they called for help, it would not help. After the tension, Ms. Shao found that the elevator was ventilated. She comforted the two young people and reminded them to call for help on their mobile phones. However, among the three mobile phones, only Ms. Shao’s mobile phone has a little signal. She broadcasted 110, but the other party could not hear Ms. Shao’s voice. In anxious situation, Ms. Shao began to call her relatives. Although the cell phone signal was very weak, but finally dialed the phone of her husband, Ms. Shao’s husband immediately reported the police. After the efforts of the rescuers, the elevator door was finally opened.
According to statistics, there are currently about 450,000 elevators in use throughout the country, and there are incidents when elevators are trapped. There are many reasons for the trapped people in the elevator. It may be caused by a power outage, or it may be caused by other mechanical reasons. All the escaping escapes will endanger the lives of the passengers before they understand the cause of the accident.
What should you do if you are trapped in an elevator?
After the passenger is trapped, the best way is to press the emergency call button inside the elevator. This button will usually be connected to the duty room or the monitoring center. If you want to do it, wait for the rescue.
What should you do when the alarm is invalid?
1: You can make a loud call or tap the car door.
2: Using the shoes to shoot the door is even louder, mainly to give this kind of help signal to the outside world.
3: In some big cities, it is linked with the 110 center, and playing 110 can also achieve the effect of calling for help.
In addition, if no one passes by, the trapped passengers should keep their physical strength and take the door intermittently, especially if they hear the sound outside and shoot again, in order to attract the attention of passers-by. During the period when the rescuers have not yet arrived, the trapped people should not stop calling for help, maintain physical strength, calmly observe the movement, and wait patiently for rescue.
Tricks? Window? It’s better to wait
Since the opening of the elevator has the key to a national standard, it is relatively easy for a professional to open the door of the car from the outside with a key after the elevator has a troublesome person. Passengers trapped in the elevator want to leave the faulty elevator as quickly as possible, so some trapped passengers force the door or open the skylight at the top of the car to escape. Is this safe?
When the elevator fails, the circuit of the door will malfunction. At this time, the elevator may start abnormally. If the door is forcibly blocked, it is dangerous, that is, cutting, which is easy to cause personal injury. For the same reason, trapped passengers are also prohibited from climbing out of the skylight. However, in the case that the car door cannot be opened temporarily, it must be assisted by professional rescue personnel. After the power failure, the trapped personnel can escape from the skylight.
come down? asphyxia? No need to panic
Many passengers are afraid that the elevator that is malfunctioning may fall. In fact, such fears are unnecessary. The elevator is quite safe in design. His suspension system is usually three or more wire ropes. Then the safety factor is equivalent to 12 times. For example, from this car, you can take 10 people. It is no problem to design 120 people. .
The elevator also has a fall arrest system that includes a speed limiter, safety gear, and a bumper at the bottom. Once the elevator is found to be overspeeding, the speed limiter will first stop the elevator drive unit. If the main engine still does not stop, the speed limiter will raise the safety gear to clamp the rail, force the car to stagnate on the track, and if the car hits the bumper directly at a certain speed, the car will stop. No matter how the car stops in that way, it will not cause a big impact on people.
In the narrow and sultry elevator, many passengers are worried that they will suffocate and die after being trapped. Will the trapped elevator be suffocating? The new national standards for elevators have strict regulations. To achieve the efficiency of ventilation, they can be put on the market. In addition, elevators have many moving parts, such as some connected locations, such as car wall and car top and connecting keys. There are gaps, and these gaps are generally enough for people’s breathing needs.
In addition, we should pay attention to some things when riding the elevator in peacetime:
1. When passengers take the ladder, they should see if the elevator car is on the floor. Do not blindly enter, prevent the door from opening and the car is not in the floor and causing the accident to fall into the hoistway.
2. Passengers should not use the body to stop the elevator from closing the door or back against the safety touch panel.
3. Children must be accompanied by an adult when they take the elevator.
4. Do not take the elevator when there is a fire or earthquake.
In fact, like other types of dangers, once trapped in the elevator, the first thing we need to do is to remind ourselves not to panic and calmly look for an escape route. In addition, according to our understanding, cities such as Beijing have also had a special 110 elevator repair emergency network to serve as an emergency task for elevator accidents. In the event of an elevator emergency, you can call 110 for emergency calls.