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It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for the elevator.

With the development of society, elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation for people’s lives. However, there have been elevator accidents that have caused the people to “love and hate” this convenient tool. Many people think that in order to ensure safety, they can sit without taking the elevator. Quality supervision experts said that there are more than 10,000 elevators in Dalian, and the number of elevators is increasing by 2,000 each year. The elevator is an electromechanical equipment with high safety. As long as the maintenance department regularly maintains and uses personnel to climb the ladder, the elevator that passes the inspection will not have an accident.
Safety supervision
Wang Sheguang, deputy director of the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Department of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, said that according to the “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations”, the quality supervision department conducts safety supervision on the production (manufacturing, installation, renovation, maintenance), use, inspection and testing of elevators.
[Support] elevator use unit is responsible for safety
The main person in charge of the elevator use unit shall be fully responsible for the safety of the elevator of the unit. The elevator use unit shall use the elevator that meets the requirements of safety technical specifications. The elevator safety management organization or the full-time elevator safety management shall be set according to the characteristics of the unit and the number of elevators. Personnel, and elevator safety management personnel should be certified to work.
At the same time, the elevator use unit has serious faults, and the elevators that continue to use accidents may stop using them immediately, and organize the elevator maintenance unit to rectify the elevators, and confirm that the serious hidden dangers can be eliminated before they can be put back into use.
Coping with unexpected situations
After many people are trapped in the elevator, they are worried that the lack of oxygen in the elevator will cause suffocation. The elevator that stops in the air will suddenly fall down. It is often very flustered and eager to escape. The quality supervision expert said that the elevator is a highly safe electromechanical equipment, and its various safety facilities work under different conditions. Once any signal input is abnormal, the automatic protection of the elevator will work.
[Support] Do not force escape after being trapped
When the passenger is trapped in the car, do not forcibly open the car door or attempt to escape from the car roof safety window (the safety window is only used for emergency rescue or repair by professionals) to prevent personal injury or fall injury. The car has ventilation holes, sufficient oxygen, no suffocation; there is a safety anti-drop device at the bottom of the elevator. The anti-drop device securely locks the elevator on the rails of the rails on both sides of the elevator so that the elevator does not fall down; even if the elevator is trapped due to a sudden power failure, the safety device will also function, and the emergency lighting in the car can also It lasted for a long time.
Therefore, when the elevator is trapped in the car due to power failure, safety device action, malfunction, etc., the passenger should keep calm, use the communication device such as the car alarm device, alarm button and other communication equipment to contact the elevator duty person in time, and wait patiently for rescue. The arrival of personnel. If the communication alarm device in the elevator fails, you can call the elevator maintenance unit for help by calling the mobile phone, etc. The telephone number of the elevator maintenance and repair unit is printed on the “Safety Inspection Qualified” sign. If you don’t have any communication tools, you can slap the car door and call for help (do not kick, slam the door).
Regular medical examination
Chen Yongli, deputy director of Dalian Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Institute, told the reporter that the city’s special equipment inspection and testing personnel found that some property and maintenance enterprise safety management systems are not sound enough; usually, the potential danger of elevators is insufficient, resulting in The elevator has abnormal noise, jitter, and even some parts are damaged.
[Support] 15 days a self-test 1 year must check
The daily maintenance of the elevator is very important. The maintenance unit should clean, lubricate, adjust and inspect the elevator at least every 15 days. Conduct a self-inspection at least once a month and make a record.
The safety inspection system is implemented in the elevator, and the periodic inspection period is one year. The elevator use unit shall, in accordance with the periodic inspection requirements of the safety technical specifications, submit the periodic inspection requirements to the municipal special equipment inspection and testing institution one month before the expiration of the safety inspection qualification period. If the company fails to check or check the problem and fails to change it within the time limit, the municipal quality supervision department will impose a fine of 2,000 yuan or more and 20,000 yuan or less.
Civilization ride
In addition to the regular maintenance of the maintenance department, the elevator needs the care of the people. Quality supervision experts pointed out that it is especially important for the people to properly use the elevator and carefully “take care of” the elevator.
[Support] care for the elevator everyone is responsible
When waiting for the ladder, it is strictly forbidden to lean against the landing door, so as not to affect the floor door to open or open the door and fall into the car, or even fall into the hoistway when the landing door is accidentally opened (elevator failure), causing personal injury or death.
When the elevator door is open, do not put your finger on the door panel that is being opened to prevent the door from being crushed when the door panel is retracted. Before entering the car, you should first see if the car is parked at the landing after the door is fully opened. When entering and leaving the car, pay attention to the abduction, high heel tip and do not apply force to the floor sill, car door sill or In the gap between the two. Never stay at the entrance and exit of the car.
When the car carries more than the rated load, it will overload the alarm and the elevator will not start.