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Installation Elevator

General existing buildings to install elevators Solutions

The ageing population threatens China’s social security system, and also turns installation of elevators to old residential buildings into a hot topic regarding people’s livelihood in the era.
General Elevator has always strived to create a convenient safe comfortable way of transport for owners. Our professional solutions for installation of elevators to old buildings and outstanding service quality can save you worries more.

Why Do You Choose Elevators Of General
Elevator For Existina Buildinas?

It is easy to install so it doesn't influence your life

In order to shorten the period of field construction as soon as possible, we finished pre-assembly modules in sections before elevators leave the factory. On construction sites, we only need to hoist and splice them to complete installation. We have formulated strict construction standards and perfect protection plans. We protect construction sites as well as your safety.

Small and don't occupy public spaces

The elevators of General Elevator for existing buildings utilize a more flexible machine roomless structure, combine steel shaft frames with elevator devices and perfectly match up with existing buildings. Our professional plans reduce the area occupied by elevators to 3 to 5m²  so they won’t block fire exits and occupy public spaces.

Double-layer protection

According to the distance between our factory and destinations, we choose to transport complete elevators or modular sections. During transportation, modular sections are covered by U-steel frames and thermoplastic film for protection. Therefore, they can arrive at the destinations safely even after long-distance transport.

Durable and are firmly connected with buildings

We use square steel after antiseptic treatment as the main shaft material, thus guaranteeing safe enduring operation of elevators in different environmental and climatic conditions. Shafts are connected with main bodies of existing buildings such as brick-concrete buildings and cement buildings through high-strength chemical bolts.

What Advantages Do Elevators Of General Elevator For Existing Buildings Have?