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Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator
Ideal EIevators

Mobile spaces appreciate with the rising value of buildings;With prefect technologies, General provides the best ride experiences;Both aesthetic and practical design.

Leave more building spaces for jamming cities

Due to the high price of urban land, buildings become higher and higher. Elevators have become an essential transport means in urban buildings. How to release larger building spaces while enjoying convenient elevators is the focus of General Elevator in space optimization.

For us, nothing is more important than your safety

General adheres to the people-oriented safety concept, always gives priority to safety in terms of design, material selection, technical configuration and after-sales maintenance, and guarantees the full-life-circle running safety of every elevator of General.

Manufacturing Safety

In General, every product goes through strict type tests and every safety part goes through strict tests before leaving the factory.

Use Safety

Elevators in use are safeguarded by safety devices such as safety gears, speed governors and buffers. Meanwhile, the IoT monitoring system, the UCMP and other functions can realize real-time protection day and night.

Safety Guarantee

General customizes maintenance plans for projects and regularly maintains elevators to eliminate hidden danger.

Energy Conservation General is responsible for our common future

General complies with the low-carbon travel principle, concentrates on development of the automatic lighting system, intelligent standby technology and energy feedback technology, realizes energy-saving operation of elevators and offers more eco-friendly elevators by its advantages in generating energy.

Energy Conservation and Low Energy Consumption

The energy consumption level of all General products is the level 1. General reaches the international advanced level and is one of the few models in energy consumption.

Standby Mode

Due to the built-in intelligent standby function of General Elevator, elevators can automatically enter the standby mode if they are in an idle state so as to avoid unnecessary consumption of electric energy.

Energy Recovery

The mechanical movements of elevators can generate energy. General recycles the energy by adopting the energy feedback technology, realizes the circulation of electric energy and achieves both environmental protection and economic development.

Your physical and mental pleasure is the highest praise for us

According to the feeling of passengers, General guarantees the smooth and stable running of elevators by advanced technologies, strengthens the optimization design of car space, light, sound and ventilation and aims to create comfortable pleasant ride experiences for passengers.

Smooth and Comfortable

General optimizes the elevator structure and speed control, effectively reduces vibration caused by running elevators and makes your ride more comfortable.

Quiet Space

Cars adopt soundproof design which prevents air noises in shafts and sounds of mechanical movements from influencing the internal car environment.

Soft Lighting

The car lighting adopts the LED soft lighting system. The color temperature is almost consistent with natural light so passengers can’t feel light differences while entering or exiting cars.

Intelliaent Urban Construction We have responsibility and ability

With the development of smart cities, the intelligent elevator technology of General matches up with construction of smart cities in terms of value. In the vertical transport field, General provides efficient scientific transport plans for large passenger flows and high-end users, improves intelligent residential environments and contributes to construction of smart cities.

Intelligent Passenger Flow

The intelligent passenger distribution system gives the best elevator assignment orders according to the analysis of big data, arranges passengers to the same or adjacent destination floors in unison and significantly improves elevator efficiency.

Intelligent Recognition

According to entered information, the system automatically recognizes owners and visitors by facial recognition. Therefore, elevators are automatically available for owners but visitors can use elevators after identity confirmation and can only reach designated floors.

Intelligent Call

Users can call an elevator in advance by a cell phone app to save the waiting time and make the elevator wait for you.